Brand ambassador program


Must be 18+

Must be following us on our social media platforms

Must have at least 1K followers/subscribers/supporters who are active and loyal to you.

Be energetic, not camera shy

Must be active on social media 

social media accounts must be public 

promote our products at least three times a week via your stories & posts 

regularly create TikTok's & Reels (be sure to always tag us) 

Repost our posts/ products 

Put our info in your bio (not a must but a plus) 

Most importantly have a passion for skincare and beauty products, influencer/brand ambassador, confident, and enthusiastic.

You must fulfill all your requirements to remain in good standings.

Every 6 months we will evaluate each ambassador



Personalized discount code for your followers, 

discounts & freebies, early access to new products. 

Get posted on our social media accounts page and/or website



Follow our instagram page @Lashddollzco 

click the link in our bio, then click the brand ambassadors application link. 

Good luck!

We look forward to hearing from you!